Buckle up for photos that celebrate the way your relationship burns its own trail. Highlight the uniqueness of your story with a stress-free experience and photos that capture your entire relationship - not just one day. Count on me to intentionally seek out those big emotions and subtle interactions for images that turn the story of your wedding day into photos that represent the real YOU. 

and your wedding day probably won’t be either.    


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Let’s be real: I’m a little cheesy. I’ll do anything to get you two genuinely laughing so that you feel comfy cozy in front of the camera. Whether I’m changing the lyrics to songs to make your partner laugh, or telling dad jokes with your grandparents, my personality and sense of humor connect with you and your guests for photos that feel as fun as they look. There’s more to me than 90’s music and witty jokes though…

Take it all in.

You know, dance like no one’s watching. 

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My superpower is the way I connect with your vision. I see you guys on the best day of your lives. I see how well you two fit together, how in love you are, how perfect it all looks. And then I use my camera to make sure that’s exactly how you look in your photos.

“Oooooh damn! That's fire!

So Goooooood!!!

Siera not only produces BEAUTIFUL images of you and your loved one(s), but also creates images that are true to who you are that feel genuine and really reveal the love between you two. Not only that, but she somehow magically makes two camera awkward people feel completely at ease and surprisingly enjoy the photoshoot! She additionally gives you sooo many photos at such a great price and quickly as well! I can’t say enough great things about her!

My boyfriend and I did a couples shoot with Siera in Sedona, Arizona. It’s now months later and we still look at our photos everyday and fall in love with them all over again each time! Siera is impeccable behind the camera and that’s not just mentioning her camera skills. She is so personable making us laugh all day long, and we can confidently say we made an amazing new friend. Thank you so much for capturing our love so beautifully.

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Marissa & Eric

down to clown

If your shoot sounds like the entrance to any cheesy horror flick, ie exploring the woods, desert, or mountains....I'm probably 100% already there

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